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Cities and towns are the most important level of government affecting residents, workers and visitors every day.

Miyares and Harrington LLP provides the tools to build and implement local programs that serve community needs. We offer practical legal services to public and private-sector clients that seek timely and comprehensive representation to achieve their goals.

We have the expertise you need, based on decades of real-world experience.

We take the time to know your situation well. We inquire, listen, and respond.

We provide options that will work for you.

We stress the importance of giving individual, direct, and responsive legal counsel to our clients. We are committed to the values of democracy, to preservation and enhancement of natural resources and the built environment, and to excellence and care in support of our clients’ objectives.

We offer competitive rates, personal service, diligent attention to our clients’ needs, and good humor.

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Local government is our most democratic institution. Municipal lawyers help to make local government work for all.


Few governmental controls affect as many people as local land use and development. We can help guide our clients to construct and operate within these constraints.


Miyares and Harrington LLP has a statewide reputation for expertise in environmental controversies.


New energy technology and the communities it impacts require rigorous review. We are in the forefront of these developing issues.


Our experienced negotiators can help improve or preserve a good working environment or achieve an acceptable conclusion to a failing working relationship.


Litigation is often a strategy of last resort. It can be expensive, time-consuming and distracting.

It can also be essential. 

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