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Energy Law

As energy technology evolves, demand patterns change, and local impacts manifest, the need increases to put each new energy proposal through rigorous review. Technology that was once celebrated as “clean” is now the subject of controversy.


Major energy facilities place extraordinary burdens on communities that host them and local cooperation and support can no longer be assumed. However, pre-construction permitting decisions are typically made not at the local level, but by state and federal authorities. We represent local communities and private entities at the Energy Facilities Siting Board, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


The goal of local communities and commercial interests is to be assured that major energy facilities can co-exist with residents and businesses safely and efficiently. We negotiate and draft host community agreements to lock down the key features of proposed projects and to secure mitigation and offsetting benefits for the community.


We also help with the procurement and contract negotiations associated with ground-based and rooftop solar facilities. We assist with lease terms, payment in lieu of taxation (PILOT) agreements, power purchase agreements, and energy management service agreements.

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