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Litigation is often a strategy of last resort. It can be expensive, time-consuming and distracting.

It can also be essential.

Clients should engage with our litigators before a complaint is filed. We pride ourselves on working with local permitting boards through complex or difficult hearings so as to improve the chances of an outcome acceptable to all. We engage with all parties to a contract as soon as a dispute arises. Early intervention with our experienced counsel can forestall an expensive lawsuit.

When litigation is inevitable, we have the experience to represent your interests confidently and effectively. Our attorneys can assist you in reaching an equitable resolution in the most complicated of disputes, whether based in statutory or common law, and whether a public or private case or controversy. We are particularly adept in litigation with significant technical issues requiring interaction with expert consultants and witnesses. Our expertise extends to federal and state courts, administrative agencies, jury and non-jury settings, and alternative dispute resolution options.

Disputes are unpleasant. We can be your bulwark against the nastier elements of litigation. Civil litigation engenders effective results without destroying professional relationships. We can show you how.

Image by Jingda Chen
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