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Municipal Law

Local government is our most democratic institution. It is the role of municipal lawyers to help make local government work in an open, ethical and accessible way.


To that end, we provide advice and guidance on the application of the Open Meeting Law, the Public Records Law and the State Ethics Law. We work with Town officials to produce participatory Town Meetings, successful board and committee decision making, and rock-solid permitting outcomes.


We have drafted or amended hundreds of zoning and general bylaws, ordinances, regulations, charters and special acts. We have undertaken government restructuring, from small tweaks to major overhauls. Municipal finance is arcane and complex. We have advised on financial strategies to achieve fiscal responsibility and efficiency.


We assist our municipal clients with contracting and all types of procurements, from simple goods and services contracts to large construction projects. We draft and review all necessary contract documents and represent our municipal clients every step of the way—resolving bid disputes, negotiating contract terms and project changes, resolving contractor claims, and providing representation in administrative appeals and litigation.


We also assist cities and towns with the licensing, leasing, acquisition, and disposition of interests in real estate, including the acquisition or creation of various special-purpose interests in real estate, such as easements and rights of way for sewer and water facilities, municipal light utilities, and streets and ways.


We advise our clients on the requirements of federal, state and local laws and regulations, and provide updates and counsel as appropriate or in response to specific inquiries. We help ensure that the most current information, the range of local options and the best possible advice are available to those who are making decisions.


Finally, we zealously defend and support those decisions, once made.

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